Why our clients choose Flawless Airbrush Tanning:

  • Quality - The Best Products, The Best Service, The Best Final Result.

  • Flexible Scheduling - Since I work from my Private Home Studio, I have the freedom of scheduling clients at times when other businesses may be closed. I am happy to accommodate you with early morning, late evening, or weekend appointments, as needed. And if you occasionally need to call to reschedule or cancel, it's not a problem. Life happens.

  • Never Rushed - Appointments are scheduled with plenty of time to make sure that your experience is as leisurely as you want it to be. If you need to get in and out, we can do that! But we will take the time for a consultation and some prep beforehand, as well as for drying, powdering, and going over aftercare instructions before you leave.

  • An Artist's Eye - Airbrush Tanning is a wonderful combination of Science and Art. Anyone may be able to pour some tanning solution into a cup, aim a spray gun, and pull the trigger. But it takes an artist’s eye for detail and subtle shadings, as well as an experienced hand to make sure that your tan is truly Flawless. My intention is for your spray tan to look so natural that people will think you have been away on vacation in the sun. And my clients routinely tell me that they love the level of care and perfectionism that goes into every Flawless Airbrush Tan.

  • No Up-Selling - I don't think it's fair to ask a client to pay more for a third pass (sometimes called a "triple-dip") if you decide that you would like to go a bit darker. You should get the color you want, and I will do everything I can to make sure that you are happy with your tan. Sometimes people aren't sure how dark they want their tan to be until they see it in the mirror, and sometimes people are afraid of going too dark. In a case such as this, I would rather take the extra time and effort to spray in several light coats and allow you the option of going darker, if you wish. (at No Extra Charge)

  • Comfortable Atmosphere - Let's face it, taking your clothes off in front of another person can be downright scary! I strive to make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible. And many of my clients have told me that they love the level of privacy that coming to my Home Studio provides.

  • Experience and Training - This year I am celebrating 10 years in business! I started Flawless Airbrush Tanning in 2008, and I am Trained and Certified by the Aviva Labs Academy. I have sprayed clients of all ages, sexes, shapes, and sizes, and people with a wide range of skin tones. I am proud of the work I have done over the years, and I am gratified by every smile I see when a client looks in the mirror after getting sprayed.

  • Passion! - I can honestly say that I LOVE my job. I enjoy meeting and working with so many wonderful people, helping them achieve the look they want for a special occasion, a trip, or for no reason other than to be tan! And I love the Art of Airbrush Tanning - it's a very Zen feeling when I'm in the middle of a session, almost meditative, and always fulfilling for me. It is truly the best job in the world.


Marilynn M. - Owner - spray tan artist

Marilynn M. - Owner - spray tan artist