BEST SPRAY TAN IN THE COUNTRY!  I have been with Marilynn for 3 years and her work and products are the best, hands down!! This is the best $ I've spent over the last 3 years.

I've been to high end tanning locations in Hollywood, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, none of them come close! If you even think about trying a spray booth or anyone instead of Marilynn youre making a huge mistake!

Since I moved to Iowa her spray tans are what I miss most about New England. When I come back for work I always schedule an appointment with her.  Her tans give me a boost internally as well as a great look externally.

Take advantage of her if you're located near her! I've been all over the country and she really is the best!

Her pricing is super reasonable and the best $ you can spend on a tan.

Now give her a call!!

— Ryan L.

Marilynn is a perfectionist

I can not say enough about how great Flawless Airbrush Tanning really is!!!  I have been going to Marilynn for over 3 years now, pretty much weekly.  She is warm, welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable.  I had a really bad experience with a Versa spa machine before ever going to Marilynn and was left disgrunted, weary and looking like a creamsicle .  That very day I vowed never again to get a spray tan. However,  I had a very formal event to go to and had decided to give airbrushing a try.  I am so glad I did.  Marilynn is a perfectionist and makes sure I come out perfect every time.  I have had a few incidents where I have gotten wet while my tan was still developing and she has always fixed me either that night or the very next day . She also offers an express tan which develops in half the time so you can get sprayed during the day, shower and be out that very night!!! She has always accommodated my very hectic schedule and is available during hours which a lot of  tanning salons are not.  I have some friends that have tried Groupons for tanning that cost them 20 dollars and were left soon regretting it wishing they had just spent the extra 20 and went to Marilynn.  Trust me the 40 dollars is well worth not being stuck looking like a Jersey Shore cast member or an oompa loompa for an entire week!!   Marilynn is pleasant, knowledgeable  and excellent at her job...simply put...SHE IS THE BEST!!!

— Valarie H.

Marilynn is truly an artist and doesn't settle for less than perfection! She spray tanned me for my wedding and the result was truly "flawless." No one could even tell that I had a spray tan done. She was so personable and easy to work with. She made sure that there was no streaks or smudges. Marilynn is the best!

— Lauren G.


Marilynn is the best. She is an ARTIST for sure!

Marilynn is the best. She is an ARTIST for sure!

Here are all the reasons you should go to her over anyone else for spray tanning:

-The results are gorgeous. You will look like you spent a week in the Carribean.

-She is very flexible with appt times.

-She makes you feel super comfortable even though you are standing there in next to nothing.

-Results last at least a week

-She really takes her time and makes sure your tan is flawless (no pun intended).

— Erica S.

Marilynn is AMAZING.

Marilynn is AMAZING... I went to another place before her and felt rushed, was very uneven, almost orange and not properly instructed on prep and after care. Marilynn was very precise, focused and took her time. My tan is completely even, no dark elbows etc. She is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable! Highly recommend!

— Michaela G.

The results are very natural looking

I've been going to Marilynn for years now, and she's the best!  I've had airbrush tans in California where they're more widely offered in salons, but none of them have been as good as Flawless.  The results are very natural looking and last a solid week if you take care of it correctly.  Marilynn is very nice and clearly takes pride in her work, and her prep and after-care tip sheets are very comprehensive.  If you've been considering an airbrush tan (totally safe, btw, unlike those UV cancer boxes) but have been too nervous to pull the trigger, go see Marilynn!

— Katherine J.

Marilynn is outstanding

Marilynn is outstanding.  She gave me a perfect (truly flawless) spray tan days before my wedding and it made such a huge difference.  She is diligent, detailed, and knows how to help you take care of your spray tan before and afterwards.  A million thanks.  If you're looking for an exceptional spray tan, visit Marilynn!

— Julie K.

by far the absolute best!

Marilynn at Flawless is an absolute perfectionist! I have had many spray tans at different establishments and this is by far the absolute best ! I will never go anywhere else ! If I could give this 100 stars I would ! She takes her time making sure she gets every inch of you and the color is perfect every time!

— Marie J H.

Flawless Airbrush Tanning | The Best Spray Tan Anywhere

She makes you feel extremely comfortable

WOW!! I had my first airbrush tanning done yesterday by Marilynn, and I was little apprehensive about the results, because I was testing this for my wedding that's coming up in October. I absolutely LOVE how I look. and everyone has already commented on how I look like I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii! It's extremely natural looking and I don't look orange or streaky at all!! The important part is taking care of the tan with her advice for after-care moisturizing! That's very important! She makes you feel extremely comfortable and she's also very professional!

I will DEFINITELY be back for my airbrush tanning for my wedding in October!!

— Jenna F.

I really appreciated Marilynn's attention to detail

I really appreciated Marilynn's attention to detail as she tanned me.  She was very thorough and she explained exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it.  She was spot-on with the color recommendation which was a big help because I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I would definitely utilize her services again.

— Bree K.

Marilynn is the best!

Marilynn is the best!  She is very thorough and precise with her tans. Her work area is neat and clean, and clear instructions are provided to keep your tan looking great!  Her hours of operation are very convenient.  I highly recommend Flawless Airbrush Tanning!

— Colleen L.

Marilynn deserves ten stars!

I have been getting spray tans for a while and after several bad experiences I found Marilynn. She is wonderful and is truly amazing at what she does. I tried her a year ago to see how the tan would look for my wedding and she did a great job! I go back every chance I get! She takes her time and makes you feel comfortable. My tans come out truly flawless and are worth every penny!!! Marilynn deserves ten stars!

— Amanda G.

“...the best spray tan in Rhode Island

My research indicated that this was the best spray tan in Rhode Island!  Being quite pale skinned, I only wanted a very faint healthy skin glow for an upcoming November wedding in a rather revealing dress.  Marilynn delivered just what I was looking for!   A lovely, soft natural even skin tone that helped "pale face me" feel confident and look great.  Glad I did my research first and went to a true professional. Highly recommended.

— Carol A.

I was and still am THRILLED! 

I had gone to another airbrush tanning salon prior to finding Marilynn, and it was horrible.  I was 3 or 4 different colors, areas were missed, and the bottom of my feet were dark brown from overspray.  I came home and did a Google search because I was pretty sure that is wasn't supposed to come out this way.  I made an appointment with Marilynn, and I was and still am THRILLED!  I drive a half hour out of my way because I don't think anyone would have as much pride as she does in their work, and I don't know of another business owner who would walk you outside with an umbrella in the rain so you don't get wet.  Marilynn, you have a client for life!!!

— Jessica X.


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